Chapter 959a. Wiretapping and Electronic Surveillance  

Sec. 54-41a. Definitions.
Sec. 54-41b. Application for order authorizing interception.
Sec. 54-41c. Information in application.
Sec. 54-41d. Issuance of order.
Sec. 54-41e. Statement by panel on issuance of order. Contents of order.
Sec. 54-41f. Execution of order; progress reports.
Sec. 54-41g. Extensions of order.
Sec. 54-41h. Privileged wire communications; issuance of order and interception prohibited.
Sec. 54-41i. Recording of interception; sealing, custody and destruction.
Sec. 54-41j. Sealing, custody, storage and destruction of applications and orders.
Sec. 54-41k. Service of notice of interception; inspection of intercepted communications, applications and orders; postponement of service.
Sec. 54-41 l. Intercepted communication admissible as evidence, when.
Sec. 54-41m. Motion to suppress.
Sec. 54-41n. Report by panel to Chief Court Administrator.
Sec. 54-41o. Reports by state’s attorneys.
Sec. 54-41p. Disclosure of contents of wire communication. Unauthorized disclosure: Class D felony.
Sec. 54-41q. Authority of communication common carrier to intercept, disclose or use wire communication.
Sec. 54-41r. Remedies of party intercepted; defense.
Sec. 54-41s. Illegal possession, sale, distribution of equipment: Class D felony.
Sec. 54-41t. Unauthorized or illegal interception: Class C felony.
Sec. 54-41u. Admissibility of intercepted wire communication obtained pursuant to federal law.


*See chapter 952, part XVII re tampering with private communications and eavesdropping.

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