Chapter 960. Information, Procedure and Bail  

Secs. 54-42 to 54-44. Original information in Superior Court. Bench warrant; procedure on arrest; previous bond in Court of Common Pleas. Admissibility of confession. Informations in cases appealed to Superior Court.
Sec. 54-45. When grand jury is required. Selecting grand jury. Alternate grand jurors.
Sec. 54-45a. Record of grand jury proceedings. Transcripts.
Sec. 54-46. Prosecution on complaint or information.
Sec. 54-46a. Probable cause hearing for persons charged with crimes punishable by death, life imprisonment without possibility of release or life imprisonment.
Sec. 54-47. Investigations into commission of crime.
Sec. 54-47a. Compelling testimony of witness. Immunity from prosecution.
Sec. 54-47b. Investigatory grand jury. Definitions.
Sec. 54-47c. Application for investigation into commission of crime.
Sec. 54-47d. Appointment of investigatory grand jury. Duration and scope of investigation.
Sec. 54-47e. Sealing of order and application. Summary of scope of investigation. Disclosure.
Sec. 54-47f. Conduct of investigation. Testimony of witnesses.
Sec. 54-47g. Finding and record of investigation. Disclosure. Hearing. Access to testimony.
Sec. 54-47h. Report.
Sec. 54-47i. Authority of investigation ordered prior to October 1, 1985.
Secs. 54-47j to 54-47z. [(Reserved)]
Sec. 54-47aa. Ex parte court order to compel disclosure of certain telephone and Internet records.
Sec. 54-48. Reward for arrest of capital offender or felon.
Sec. 54-49. Reward for information as to high crime or crime resulting in death of police officer or firefighter.
Sec. 54-50. Reward for information as to unlawful disinterment of corpse.
Sec. 54-51. Reward for information as to theft of motor vehicle, livestock or poultry.
Sec. 54-52. Determination of claims to reward.
Sec. 54-53. Release by correctional officials.
Sec. 54-53a. Detention of persons who have not made bail.
Secs. 54-54 and 54-55. Original information in Court of Common Pleas. Information in cases appealed to Court of Common Pleas.
Sec. 54-56. Dismissal of information by court.
Sec. 54-56a. (Formerly Sec. 54-2b). Pleading by mail in certain motor vehicle cases.
Sec. 54-56b. Right to dismissal or trial on nolle.
Sec. 54-56c. Request for privileged trial status.
Sec. 54-56d. (Formerly Sec. 54-40). Competency to stand trial.
Sec. 54-56e. (Formerly Sec. 54-76p). Accelerated pretrial rehabilitation.
Sec. 54-56f. (Formerly Sec. 54-5). Requirements of sureties of the peace.
Sec. 54-56g. Pretrial alcohol education program.
Sec. 54-56h. Consideration of defendant’s contribution to Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund or of community service work hours. Payment of monetary contribution to fund.
Sec. 54-56i. Pretrial drug education program.
Sec. 54-56j. Pretrial school violence prevention program.
Sec. 54-56k. Pretrial account.
Sec. 54-56 l. Pretrial supervised diversionary program for persons with psychiatric disabilities and veterans.
Sec. 54-56m. Mediation programs.
Sec. 54-57. Joinder of offenses of the same character.
Sec. 54-58. Description of money in complaint or information.
Sec. 54-59. Statement of ownership, partnership or joint tenancy in indictment, information or complaint.
Sec. 54-60. Allegations in criminal cases.
Sec. 54-61. Complaints for offenses specified in special acts, ordinances and bylaws.
Sec. 54-62. Allegation of previous conviction.
Sec. 54-63. Mode of informing against larceny by embezzlement.
Sec. 54-63a. Definitions.
Sec. 54-63b. Pretrial release of arrested persons. Duties of Court Support Services Division. Uniform weighted release criteria.
Sec. 54-63c. Release by law enforcement officer.
Sec. 54-63d. Release by bail commissioner or intake, assessment and referral specialist. Information, files and reports held by Court Support Services Division.
Sec. 54-63e. Bond or promise conditioned on appearance.
Sec. 54-63f. Release after conviction and pending sentence or appeal.
Sec. 54-63g. Appeal from court order re release.
Sec. 54-64. Police officials and clerks of court to take promise to appear or bond.
Sec. 54-64a. Release by judicial authority.
Sec. 54-64b. Release following arrest on court warrant.
Sec. 54-64c. Notice of appearance after release.
Sec. 54-64d. Release of person taken into custody on a capias.
Sec. 54-64e. Noncriminal behavior as condition of release. Notice of conditions of release and sanctions for violation.
Sec. 54-64f. Violation of conditions of release. Imposition of different or additional conditions. Revocation of release.
Sec. 54-64g. Surveillance of serious felony offenders released on bond.
Sec. 54-65. Procedure when principal intends to abscond.
Sec. 54-65a. Forfeiture of bond for failure to appear. Issuance of rearrest warrant or capias. Termination or reinstatement of bond. Rebate to surety.
Sec. 54-65b. Verification of rearrest warrant or capias upon request.
Sec. 54-65c. Vacating forfeiture of bond.
Sec. 54-66. Acceptance and disposition of bail. Pledge of real property as lien. Forfeiture of bond for failure to appear. Issuance of rearrest warrant or capias. Termination or reinstatement of bond.
Sec. 54-66a. Automatic termination of bail bonds.
Sec. 54-67. When attorneys not allowed to give bonds.
Sec. 54-68. Persons charged with gaming to give bonds.
Sec. 54-69. Motion of parties to modify conditions of release.
Sec. 54-69a. Motion of bail commissioner or intake, assessment and referral specialist to modify conditions of release.
Sec. 54-69b. Authority of court to modify conditions of release.
Sec. 54-70. Compromise of forfeited bonds.
Sec. 54-71. Mistake in form of recognizance.
Sec. 54-71a. No civil liability for release.
Sec. 54-72. Fines and forfeitures; prosecutions; liability of corporation.
Sec. 54-73. Collection and disposition of forfeitures.
Sec. 54-74. Remission of fine.
Sec. 54-75. Employment of detectives.
Sec. 54-76. [Transferred]
Sec. 54-76a. Procedure at hearing in probable cause.


*Until a statement, or an act, or a writing is determined to come within the definition of a confession, there is no requirement that the corpus delicti be established before the admission of the evidence. 22 CS 507.