Chapter 960a. Youthful Offenders  

Sec. 54-76b. Youthful offenders: Definitions; applicability of interstate compact.
Sec. 54-76c. Eligibility to be adjudged a youthful offender. Transfer of cases.
Sec. 54-76d. Investigations. Determinations by court. Waiver of proceedings.
Sec. 54-76e. Trial to determine youthful offender status.
Sec. 54-76f. Statements of defendant inadmissible.
Sec. 54-76g. Judgment of youthful offender status.
Sec. 54-76h. Proceedings private. Segregation of defendant in place of detention. Presence of victim at proceeding.
Sec. 54-76i. Court powers over person of defendant.
Sec. 54-76j. Disposition upon adjudication as youthful offender.
Sec. 54-76k. Determination of youthful offender status not to disqualify for office, license, etc.
Sec. 54-76 l. Records or other information of youth to be confidential. Exceptions.
Sec. 54-76m. Age of defendant at time of crime controlling.
Sec. 54-76n. Application of criminal law.
Sec. 54-76o. Erasure of police and court records of youthful offender.
Sec. 54-76p. [Transferred]
Sec. 54-76q. Statement of victim regarding plea agreement or sentence.


*Denial of defendant’s application to be treated as a youthful offender is a final appealable judgment. 179 C. 98. Cited. 188 C. 565. Cited. 195 C. 303. Cited. 196 C. 122.

Secs. 54-76b through 54-76o cited. 8 CA 607.

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