Chapter 968. Victim Services  

Sec. 54-201. Definitions.
Sec. 54-202. Compensation commissioners; appointment; Chief Victim Compensation Commissioner; temporary victim compensation commissioners; compensation.
Sec. 54-202a. Executive director. Appointment; term; salary; duties. Deputy director of compensation. Deputy director of victim services.
Sec. 54-203. Office of Victim Services established. Powers and duties.
Sec. 54-204. Application for compensation or restitution services. Report and examination. Confidential information.
Sec. 54-205. Evaluation of application. Determination. Request for review by compensation commissioner.
Sec. 54-206. Payment of attorneys as part of order.
Sec. 54-207. Regulations to prescribe procedures.
Sec. 54-207a. Chief Court Administrator to prescribe policies and procedures.
Sec. 54-208. Order of payment of compensation. Criminal intent. Circumstances considered. Prosecution not necessary. Amount and manner of payments. Unclaimed award.
Sec. 54-209. When compensation may be ordered. Order inadmissible in civil or criminal proceeding.
Sec. 54-210. Compensation ordered for expenses, loss of earnings, pecuniary loss and other losses.
Sec. 54-211. Time limitation on filing application for compensation. Restrictions on award of compensation. Amount of compensation.
Sec. 54-211a. Appeal.
Sec. 54-212. Office of Victim Services to have subrogated cause of action against person responsible for crime.
Sec. 54-213. Award not subject to execution or attachment.
Sec. 54-214. Annual report to legislature and to appropriations committee.
Sec. 54-215. Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund.
Sec. 54-216. Restitution services.
Sec. 54-217. Emergency award pending final determination on claim.
Sec. 54-218. Profits derived as result of crime of violence. Recovery of money judgment by victim. Payment to Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund.
Sec. 54-219. Victim Services Technical Assistance Fund.
Sec. 54-220. Victim advocates. Responsibilities and duties.
Sec. 54-220a. Assignment of victim advocates to assist victims before Board of Pardons and Paroles.
Sec. 54-221. Appointment of advocates for victims of crime by court.
Sec. 54-222. Bilingual brochure re rights of victims and victim services.
Sec. 54-222a. Duty of peace officer regarding crime victim. Regulations.
Sec. 54-223. Failure to afford rights to victim shall not constitute grounds for vacating conviction or voiding sentence or parole determination.
Sec. 54-224. Liability of state re failure to afford rights to victim.
Sec. 54-225. Voluntary program for lawyers for protection of persons injured in person or property by civil wrong.
Sec. 54-226. Definitions.
Sec. 54-227. Notification of Office of Victim Services and Victim Services Unit within Department of Correction by inmate or sexual offender seeking release or other relief.
Sec. 54-227a. [Transferred]
Sec. 54-228. Request by victim or family member of inmate for notification.
Sec. 54-229. Request by prosecuting authority for notification.
Sec. 54-230. Notification of victims and other persons by Office of Victim Services when inmate or sexual offender seeks release or other relief or is released from a correctional institution.
Sec. 54-230a. Notification of victims and other persons by Department of Correction when inmate or sexual offender seeks release or other relief.
Sec. 54-231. Notification of Office of Victim Services by Department of Correction upon release of inmate. Access to criminal history record information.
Sec. 54-232. Disposition of requests for notification received prior to April 1, 1992.
Sec. 54-233. Compensation of victim of tort occurring prior to July 1, 1993.
Sec. 54-234. Development of response system for victims of offense of trafficking in persons. Contracts.
Sec. 54-235. State-wide automated victim information and notification system.
Secs. 54-236 to 54-239. [(Reserved)]