Chapter 964. Uniform Criminal Extradition Act  

Sec. 54-157. Definitions.
Sec. 54-158. Governor’s duty to arrest and deliver up fugitive.
Sec. 54-159. Requirements for recognition of extradition demand.
Sec. 54-160. State’s attorney and prosecuting attorney to assist Governor.
Sec. 54-161. Return to this state of person imprisoned or held in another state.
Sec. 54-162. Return to another state of person whose act in this state caused crime.
Sec. 54-163. Arrest warrant signed by Governor.
Sec. 54-164. Authorization under warrant.
Sec. 54-165. Power of arresting officer.
Sec. 54-166. Appearance of accused in court. Habeas corpus.
Sec. 54-167. Penalty for failure of officer to present accused in court.
Sec. 54-168. Confinement, when.
Sec. 54-169. Arrest warrant of judge.
Sec. 54-170. Arrest without warrant.
Sec. 54-171. Commitment pending Governor’s warrant.
Sec. 54-172. Allowance and conditions of bail bond.
Sec. 54-173. Discharge or recommitment after expiration of period specified in warrant or bond.
Sec. 54-174. Forfeiture of bond.
Sec. 54-175. Surrender of person against whom criminal prosecution pending in this state.
Sec. 54-176. Governor not to inquire into guilt or innocence of accused.
Sec. 54-177. Recall or new issuance of Governor’s warrant.
Sec. 54-178. Governor seeking extradition to issue warrant to agent to receive accused.
Sec. 54-179. Application by state’s attorney, Board of Pardons and Paroles or Correction Commissioner for return of accused.
Sec. 54-180. Immunity of accused to process in civil action arising from same facts.
Sec. 54-181. Waiver by accused.
Sec. 54-182. State’s rights not waived.
Sec. 54-183. Trial for crimes other than those specified in extradition requisition.
Sec. 54-184. Interpretation of chapter.
Sec. 54-185. Short title: Uniform Criminal Extradition Act.


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