Chapter 959. Court Jurisdiction and Power  

Secs. 54-1 and 54-1a. Criminal jurisdiction of trial justices; of Court of Common Pleas.
Sec. 54-1b. Arraignment of prisoner. Advice as to rights.
Sec. 54-1c. Admissibility of confession.
Sec. 54-1d. Place of arraignment. Multiple arrest warrants. Multiple credit card and automated teller machine offenses. Identity theft and related offenses. Violation of order of protection by electronic or telephonic means.
Sec. 54-1e. Election of place of trial when venue is in the geographical area of Derby, Ansonia, Shelton, and Seymour.
Sec. 54-1f. (Formerly Sec. 6-49). Arrest without warrant. Pursuit outside precincts.
Sec. 54-1g. Time of arraignment. Violation of protective order, standing criminal protective order or restraining order.
Sec. 54-1h. (Formerly Sec. 6-49a). Arrest by complaint and summons for commission of misdemeanor.
Sec. 54-1i. (Formerly Sec. 54-40a). Duty of law enforcement officer before charging with a crime a person found in unconscious condition.
Sec. 54-1j. Ascertainment that defendant understands possible immigration and naturalization consequences of guilty or nolo contendere plea.
Sec. 54-1k. Issuance of protective orders in cases of stalking, harassment, sexual assault, risk of injury to or impairing morals of a child.
Sec. 54-1 l. Short title: Alvin W. Penn Racial Profiling Prohibition Act.
Sec. 54-1m. Adoption of policy prohibiting certain police actions. Standardized method. Data collection and reporting.
Sec. 54-1n. Complaint by victim of identity theft. Law enforcement agency’s responsibilities.
Sec. 54-1o. (Note: This section is effective January 1, 2014.) Electronic recording of custodial interrogations.
Sec. 54-1p. Eyewitness identification procedures.
Sec. 54-1q. Court to advise defendant that guilty or nolo contendere plea may have consequence of suspension of driver’s license.
Sec. 54-1r. Complaint by protected person re violation of order of protection by electronic or telephonic means. Law enforcement agency’s responsibilities.
Sec. 54-1s. Racial Profiling Prohibition Project Advisory Board. Membership. Duties.
Sec. 54-2. Conviction and binding over by trial justice.
Sec. 54-2a. Issuance of bench warrants of arrest, subpoenas, capias and other criminal process. Release conditions. Service of court process. Entry of warrants and process into computer system.
Sec. 54-2b. [Transferred]
Sec. 54-2c. Traffic violator need not appear in court, when. Schedule of fines established.
Sec. 54-2d. Notation in computer network of actions taken by law enforcement agency to execute certain warrants.
Sec. 54-2e. Issuance of rearrest warrant or capias for failure to appear.
Secs. 54-3 and 54-4. Issue of warrant after arrest. Trial justice may issue criminal process to be served anywhere in the state.
Sec. 54-5. [Transferred]
Secs. 54-6 to 54-12. Criminal jurisdiction of municipal courts. Limit of jurisdiction of municipal courts. Jurisdiction over violations concerning overweight commercial vehicles. Bonds on adjournment of hearing. Copies of files and records for Superior Court and state’s attorneys on bindover; notice when proceeding pending on seized property. Appointment of court interpreters in municipal and trial justice court. Appeal from municipal court or trial justice.
Secs. 54-13 and 54-14. [Transferred]
Secs. 54-15 and 54-16. Binding over on probable cause. Jurisdiction of Common Pleas Court on appeals.
Sec. 54-17. [Transferred]
Sec. 54-17a. Presentation in one judicial district for offenses charged in various districts where defendant to plead guilty.
Sec. 54-18. [Transferred]
Secs. 54-18a to 54-21. Transfer of criminal cases between Superior and Common Pleas Court. Certain cases to be tried at first term. Search when cruelty is suspected. Search warrants in cases of cruelty to animals.
Secs. 54-22 to 54-24. [Transferred]
Secs. 54-25 and 54-26. Release on recognizance. Witnesses in courts of other states.
Sec. 54-27. [Transferred]
Sec. 54-28. [Transferred]
Secs. 54-29 to 54-31. Seizure of obscene literature and gambling implements. Illegal articles and implements to be destroyed. Judges of city courts may act.
Sec. 54-32. [Transferred]
Sec. 54-33. Search warrants for gambling and lottery implements.
Sec. 54-33a. Issuance of search warrant.
Sec. 54-33b. Search of person.
Sec. 54-33c. Application for warrant. Execution and return of warrant. Copy of affidavit to be given to owner, occupant or person named in warrant; exceptions. Disclosure of affidavit limited by prosecuting attorney, when.
Sec. 54-33d. Interference with search.
Sec. 54-33e. Destruction of property.
Sec. 54-33f. Motion for return of unlawfully seized property and suppression as evidence.
Sec. 54-33g. Summons to owner on seizure of property. In rem action for adjudication as nuisance. Disposition of property.
Sec. 54-33h. (Formerly Sec. 53-279). Arrest of keeper of gambling equipment; seizure and disposition of property.
Sec. 54-33i. “Journalist”, “news organization” and “news” defined.
Sec. 54-33j. Issuance of search warrant for property of journalist or news organization.
Sec. 54-33k. “Strip search” defined.
Sec. 54-33 l. Strip searches. Procedure.
Sec. 54-33m. Failure to wear seat belt not probable cause for vehicle search.
Sec. 54-33n. Search of school lockers and property.
Secs. 54-34 and 54-35. Search of person. Condemnation of gambling implements, notice.
Sec. 54-36. Disposition of property held as evidence.
Sec. 54-36a. Definitions. Inventory. Return of stolen property. Disposition of other seized property. Return of compliance.
Sec. 54-36b. Examiner of seized property, appointment, duties.
Sec. 54-36c. Disposition of seized property on order of the examiner of seized property.
Sec. 54-36d. Proceedings under chapters 214, 220 and 490 concerning cigarettes, alcohol and fisheries and game, respectively, exempt from certain licensing and disposition requirements.
Sec. 54-36e. Firearms to be turned over to state police. Sale at public auction.
Sec. 54-36f. Receipt for seized property to be given by law enforcement officials.
Sec. 54-36g. Destruction of controlled drugs, controlled substances and drug paraphernalia held as evidence in criminal proceedings. Petition, notice and hearing. Representative samples. Certificate of results. Destruction upon final disposition of criminal action. Records.
Sec. 54-36h. Forfeiture of moneys and property related to illegal sale or exchange of controlled substances or money laundering. In rem proceeding. Disposition.
Sec. 54-36i. Drug assets forfeiture revolving account. Allocation of moneys.
Secs. 54-36j to 54-36 l. Seizure and forfeiture of motor vehicle used in patronizing a prostitute. Innocent owner defense to forfeiture of motor vehicle used in patronizing a prostitute. Release of motor vehicle seized in connection with arrest for patronizing a prostitute; delivery or return of motor vehicle upon disposition of prosecution.
Sec. 54-36m. Impoundment of motor vehicle occupied by person arrested for patronizing a prostitute from a motor vehicle.
Sec. 54-36n. Identification and tracing of seized and recovered firearms.
Sec. 54-36o. Property derived from identity theft subject to forfeiture to state. Exceptions. Proceeds.
Sec. 54-36p. Forfeiture of moneys and property related to sexual exploitation and human trafficking. In rem proceeding. Disposition.
Secs. 54-37 to 54-39. Disposition of accused acquitted on ground of insanity. Release of persons confined under order prior to October 1, 1959. Petition for release. Disposition of insane person upon expiration of term.
Sec. 54-40. [Transferred]
Sec. 54-40a. [Transferred]
Sec. 54-41. [Transferred]


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